Installation | Workshop | Walk

In historical city centres, women* were not meant to be in public space in the same way as men. As part of  LOCALIZE Festival 2020, this was investigated and made tangible in the historic centre of Potsdam with an installation, participatory workshops and a walk.

By adjusting the blinds, the installation creates a space in which quotations and the surroundings enter into a relationship with each other, which invites to look around, to enter a space of questions.
The workshops invited the participants to examine their own position as a woman* in the city-centre, not only from a historical perspective.

A walk with QR codes provides festival-visitors with insights into the workshops and the theme.

/ Sarah Drain in Kooperation mit Jana Beckmann (flex) und Janna Nikoleit (flex)

/ LOCALIZE Festival für Stadt, Kultur und Kunst in Potsdam CENTER SHOCK

/ www.localize-potsdam.de | www.studioflex.de

»Spaces are like a second skin, that unfolds in the folds of the body.«

  Sara Ahmed