East African Soul Train 


International, interdisciplinary residency for artists on a Train from Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

EAST is a residency on Tanzania's historic train tracks, a creative exploration of the (un)known exploring histories, narratives and temporalities through interdisciplinary creative process.
The residency enables a phenomenological examination of the (un)known, taking into account the historical dimension of the train route. At the same time it is an exploration of interdisciplinary artistic work and a questioning of the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation. Experience and its phenomenological investigation are at the centre of the project and determine how artists work together, give each other feedback and get to know each other, their work and respective disciplines. As a result there is an honest and deep exchange among the artists and with the audience of the final performance at TaSUBa Arts College in Bagamoyo, as well as new works which emerge from collaborations among the artists.

© Ian Kacungira, Danny Msirikale, Yule Burlefinger, 2019

/ Creative Direction: Geraldine Hepp

/ Creative Production: Poppy Spowage

/ Artistic Direction: Adam Chienjo, Sarah Drain

/ Art Direction: Checkmate Mido

/ Brian Msafiri, Yule Burlefinger, Boaz

/ with advisory support from Maimouna Jallo

/ in cooperation with: CDEA, TaSUBa Arts College, BASATA

/ supported by: Burning Man, Techne, the Arts and Humanities Research Council