Risk the Shit Show


One week of workshops, participatory event and exhibition, screening of short-films.

Risk the Shit Show asks the question of how informal hierarchies can be worked with in artistic-activist collaborations - how can we find viable ways of working together that are based on trust and equality?
The invitations of the participants were based on trust and inspired by mycelium-like structures: as the organisers we each invited one artist, who then invited two more artists. Each participant gave a workshop.

At the same time, a different person took over the camera every day. Short films on strategies, practices, questions and challenges of collaboration were made and shared with the public on the last evening of the project.

© Foto-credits see below.

/ conzept, organisation and direction: Sarah Drain, Heather Purcell

/ participating artists: Marco Berardi, Nicole Cataldo-Davies, Hannes Hellstrom, Keith Lim, Katherine McBride, Kari Robertson

/ Gelegenheiten Berlin

/ supported by: Quartiersmanagement Neukölln

/ foto-credits: still images from video-footage by participating artists // network map: drawing by Heather Purcell, idea Sarah Drain and Heather Purcell // images of blackboards written during discussions.