Signals, Resonating Revolutions


Opening Performance for "100 Years of Revolution 1918/19" by Kulturprojekte Berlin

Signals Resonating Revolutions celebrates the joy of participation.

In 1918/19 the November-Revolution lead to the first democracy in Germany and the establishment of basic rights, like the right to assemble, freedom of opinion and votes for women.

For the centenary of this revolution the artist group Tools for Action developed red, inflatable light-sculptures, in order to widen the space of resonance of the revolution, to highlight the multilayered aspects of histories and to experiment with new forms of collective remembrance.

 © Luca Girardini



Charlotte Klein

University College London Anthropology (2019)

“Signals, Resonating Revolutions” facilitates an understanding of the myriad modes of collective memory making, as it allows us to trace the multiplicity of overapping historical narratives. [...] Moreover, by directing the performance along chosen prominent sites of the November Revolution, the shiny, inflatable tools highlight the eclectic relationship between history and urban space. Landscapes, and the urban in particular, are coined by change and reflect a multitude of histories. Working as “the locus of the collective memory” (Rossi in Hebbert, 2005: 587), the urban landscape acts as a reminder of the past, and as background for current actions and imaginations of futures – of utopias. Hence, the experiment is nurtured by the place, powerfully pointing to its ambiguity of history. Shedding light on these histories engrained in the built environment, activates and emphasises the landscape’s function as “medium for and outcome of [human] action and previous histories of action” (Tilley, 1994: 23; emphasis of the original). Tools for Action uses the city as space for gathering, exchange, and debate, as “tool of thought and action” (Lefebvre, 1991: 289).


/ Artur van Balen, Sarah Drain, Tomas Espinosa, Freya Schmidt as Tools for Action

/ in collaboration with Dancers Without Borders e.V.

/ opening Performance for '100 Years of Revolution 1918|19' by Kulturprojekte Berlin

/ supported by: Kulturprojekte Berlin