The Cupcake Escape 


Participatory Installation and Conversation

Cupcakes are particularly popular in difficult times. In 2015 in Great Britain, the "Cupcake Shop" attracted a lot of customers with bright colours and lots of glitter.

When they enter the room the participants are greeted by the smell of strawberries - or rather that artificial, sweet and sticky smell which is meant to represent ‘strawberry’. Laid out around a big table are a cupcake for each person and a little glass bottle.
After a short introduction consisting only of the sentence ‘We have brought you something from the supermarket today’ the participants are invited to interact with the objects. This is followed by a conversation directed by the participants. It usually starts with children’s parties and ‘the monster of pink glittery things for little girls’, via niceness and politeness, cosmetics, pollution of bodies and nature on to escapism and its politics.

/ Sona Dobovaja, Sarah Drain

/ Cupcakes (Tescoes), glass bottles, food-glitter, food-colouring, plus all ingredients listed on the bottles

/ CARU-Research Conference, Contemporary Arts Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford