weil ich fand es reicht 


Installation with audio

Four women* between 60 and 81 from »RuT - Rad und Tat: Offene Initiative Lesbischer Frauen e.V.« (RuT) spoke about what RuT means to them, how they understand the term »lesbian« and why a space for older lesbian women* with and without disabilities is important. Fragments from the conversations were spoken and recorded by four lesbian women* of the next generation.

With voices from different generations and in the physical space of the installation »weil ich fand es reicht« poses questions about continuities and changes – about images that lesbian women* have been surrounded and influenced by, and about the influence these images still have.

Foto 1, 3, 4:

© Pablo Hassmann

/ Sarah Drain

/ voices: Pia Achternkamp, C. D., Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick

/ In the framework of »Neukölln Stories«, a project by nomadicArt

/ LiTE-HAUS galerie + projektraum

/ in cooperation with RuT - Rad und Tat: Offene Initiative Lesbischer Frauen e.V.

/ special thanks to the four women from RuT I had conversations with who wished to remain anonymous as well as Ina Rosenthal and Joana Czapcka from RuT for their support.

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