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What is it like to be outside as a female read person in Hamburg-Veddel?

workshops, public programme, exhibition

a project by Jana Beckmann, Sarah Drain and Janna Nikoleit, Hamburg - Veddel, 2021

What is it like to be a female read person out and about in Hamburg-Veddel?

In three workshops for women, we explored the district of Veddel using artistic methods. We shared experiences as well as dreaming-up and testing new modes of being outside. At the same time the POOL, a meeting place and intervention in public space, invited everyone interested to participate throughout the project - building, discussions, a picnic, a reading-evening and games like the Veddel-Memory provided different paths into questions about being outside.

The DA SIND WIR* 02 exhibition gave visitors insights into experiences, stories and actions from the workshops and the POOL.


DA SIND WIR* invites everyone identifying as women and/or who are or could be exposed to discrimination in public space because of their gender or sexual identity. It is important for us to invite non-binary, trans people, women with migration experience, Women of Color and Black Women, women with different abilities and queer women to participate in the project.

With DSW* we want to address the diversity, difference and intersectionally, strongly varying experiences in public space. It is important to us that each participant is an expert for themselves and their own situation and that important knowledge is generated through exchange. In the workshops of the DSW* project, we create a safe(r) space together with all participants in order to build trust, share experiences and act together.

More about DA SIND WIR*:

/ a project by Jana Beckmann (flex), Sarah Drain und Janna Nikoleit (flex)

/ in cooperation with Café Nova (New Hamburg) and Poliklinik Veddel
/ artistic collaboration: Constanza Carvajal
/ supported by Fonds Soziokultur in the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte, Quartiersfonds, RISE-Verfügungsfonds des Stadtteilbeirats Veddel

/ photo 1-6 & 8: (c) Gertje König

/ graphics: Insa Kühlke-Schmoldt


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