What is it like to be outside as a female read person in Hamburg-Veddel?

workshops, public programme, exhibition

a project by Jana Beckmann, Sarah Drain and Janna Nikoleit, Hamburg - Veddel, 2021

DA SIND WIR* 02 asks: What is it like to be a female read person out and about in Hamburg-Veddel?

In three workshops for women, we explored the district of Veddel using artistic methods. We shared experiences as well as dreaming-up and testing new modes of being outside. At the same time the POOL, a meeting place and intervention in public space, invited everyone interested to participate throughout the project - building, discussions, a picnic, a reading-evening and games like the Veddel-Memory provided different paths into questions about being outside.

The DA SIND WIR* 02 exhibition gave visitors insights into experiences, stories and actions from the workshops and the POOL.

/ a project by Jana Beckmann (flex), Sarah Drain und Janna Nikoleit (flex)

/ in cooperation with Café Nova (New Hamburg) and Poliklinik Veddel
/ artistic collaboration: Constanza Carvajal
/ supported by Fonds Soziokultur in the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte, Quartiersfonds, RISE-Verfügungsfonds des Stadtteilbeirats Veddel

/ photo 1-6 & 8: (c) Gertje König

/ graphics: Insa Kühlke-Schmoldt

/ www.da-sind-wir.com