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Sarah Drain is a visual artist and social art practitioner based in Berlin. Her work encompasses installations, participatory processes and workshops. She works with simple, minimal forms, employing natural materials, often beeswax. Her process is oftentimes informed by used everyday objects from the past.
Sarah Drain’s practice is shaped by a consideration of both experience and imagination of those interacting with her work. She employs audio and/or narrative as an invitation to a multi-sensorial experience and a way to ignite participants’ own memory and imaginary internal images. Investigating in-between spaces her focus is particularly on the permeability and non-linearity of time, the presence of the past and its influence on social and societal processes. 
She is interested in what she describes as ‘social forces’: ways of thinking which are still active, frequently repressive and can be traced back to specific historical occurrences or ideas. This she has been investigating around the themes of gender, queerness, female-read-persons’ positions in public space as well as certain forms of pedagogy and ideas about work. Her practice focuses on the overlap of seemingly personal, individual experience and collective memory.
Zooming in and out of narratives/images she invites participants to find their own experiences with the respective ‘social forces’ that her work is dealing with. How can spaces be created, in which aesthetic experience enables a perception of unconscious historical influences on how we see and treat each other?
Moving between working on her own and collaboration with other artists her work investigates those questions through different forms and approaches, developing through and separately from these interactions.


2016  M.A. Social Sculpture, University of the Arts, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

            * MA Programs in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice Prize: Social Sculpture

2013   B.Sc. Psychology, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg

2009  Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Byam Shaw School of Art, Central Saint Martins,

             University of the the Arts, London


2021 Fonds Soziokultur in the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR


2021 German-Czech Future Fund (Deutsch-Tschechische Zukunftsfonds (DTZF))

2021 Czech Ministry of Culture


2020 Project funding: Gemeinde Hausen im Wiesental

2020 LBBW-Stiftung


2021 flüstern, silent sharing, INI project gallery, curatorial collobaritive, Prague


2020 Neukölln Stories, LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum, Nomadic Art, Berlin


2020 DA SIND WIR-PUBLIC WOMEN, cooperation: Jana Beckmann (flex), Janna Nikoleit (flex), LOCALIZE Festival, Potsdam

2020 Gebettet, Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick,
cooperation: Kunstverein Schopfheim

2018 Signals, Resonating Revolutions, 100 Jahre Revolution – Berlin  1918/19, Tools for Action, Kulturprojekte Berlin

2017 Presence(s), Social Sculpture Research Platform, Conference, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford



2016|17 Guest Lecturer, MA Social Sculpture, School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford




2020 Neukölln Stories. Zine 1. Ed. Nomadic Art and LiTE HAUS Gallery. Berlin: nomadicArt Press. self-publishing


2012 How to make a Hammer. In: The El Martillo Project, Artúr van Balen, Jakub Simcik, Kristin Gertz, Paul Pistorius,

Minor Compositions

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