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installation, social sculpture process

Fusion Arts, Oxford, 2016

Presence(s) creates a space for the fluidity of past, present and future.
Five social forces which are rooted in the past are represented by objects and short stories.
In a process of remembering, dialogue and imagination these 'presences' become connected to each person’s own experience and memories. An insight into a life from the past becomes a possibility for the perception of socio-historical influence and transgenerational passage with its impact on contemporary society. Presence(s) is an invitation to trace these influences and to question whether and how one might move beyond them.


/ Sarah Drain (MA Thesis)

/ realised partly during a residency at Fusion Arts Oxford, 2016
/  MA [inside]OUTSIDE MA Interdisciplinary Arts Festival, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, 2016
/  Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2017
/ Connective Practice and Freedom - Social Sculpture Platform, Conference, Oxford Brookes University, 2017

/ MA Interdisciplinary Arts Practice Prize: Social Sculpture

/ materials: wood, cotton, beeswax, linseed oil, pieces of clothing, other found objects,paper, chairs

/ photo: (c) Sarah Drain

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