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The Mirror

The Mirror, Make Pollution Great Again


72 Hours Urban Action, Jena, 2019

The MIRROR is positioned on the motorway cover in Jena Lobeda. The installation transforms the disturbing noise of the motorway as well as the constantly present wind into a visually and acoustically pleasing experience. A delicate net structure stretches over the existing seating and creates a feeling of calm without obstructing the view or the vastness of the place. Light, colored stripes move with the wind and invite residents to linger under the installation.


/ Team Vivid/h: Gassan Ali, Zahi Asa, Jana Beckmann, Anja Cambría, Sarah Drain, Liron Monitz, Sofia Müller, 
Janna Nikoleit, Kilian Peters, Alexander Rosenfeld, Vasylysa Shchogoleva

/ 72 Hours Urban Action

/ wood, net, ropes, pvc foil

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