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1,5m³ křehkosti | fragilities

1,5m³ křehkosti | fragilities


INI Prostor, Prague, 2022

The multimedia installation 1,5m³ křehkosti | fragilities is based on research into the question: What changes when we experience distances - including the safety distance of 1.5m for protection against the Corona virus - and borders not as separating, linear, but as space, as a "container" in which "viruses, bacteria and ghosts" (Bayramoğlu, do Mar Castro Varela) circulate?
The installation 1,5m³ křehkosti | fragilities consists of two sculptural parts, video projections, text elements and sound. Based on phenomenological and imaginal research and practices with experts from different disciplines, the installation deals with different layers of presence in spaces. The sculptures are made using the materials wax and sugar, both chosen on the one hand because of their ordinariness and on the other hand because of their capacity to change their aggregate states and textures within seconds, thus embodying time as a kind of frozen circulation.

Concept project and exhibition: Jana Doudova, Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick
Artistic research: Jana Doudova, Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick
Video material, answers ghost practice: Jana Doudova, Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick
Text: Jana Doudova
Sculpture, photo, ghost practice: Sarah Drain
Sound- and video-editing, voice: Mariam Frick

Photo: (c) Drain

A project by: Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick, curatorial collaborative

In collaboration with: Pia Achternkamp, Jan Durina, Maria Plotnikova, Veronika Svobodová, Stella Maria Valentová, Tomáš Větrovský, Amelie Wedel

Quote: Yener Bayramoğlu, María do Mar Castro Varela. Post/pandemisches
Leben. Eine Neue Theorie der Fragilität. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2021. S. 68


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