flüstern, silent sharing


INI Project gallery, Prague, 2021

flüstern - silent sharing poses questions about the permeability of time, about simultaneity and the interweavings of past, present and future. flüstern approaches an understanding of time which is foundational for both exhibited works Gebettet (Drain, Frick) and while we fall asleep (Frick).

Gebettet is a four-part installation and sound- composition. Based on four 19th century beds and field recordings from their rural surroundings, it creates a permeable space for connections through time, between individual experience and collective memory. The installation Gebettet (2020, Hausen i.W.) was redeveloped within the framework of flüstern in a backyard in Prague. With the original dimensions of the beds remaining, a different space is created. The composition is unchanged, becoming a different experience through this new context.

/ Sarah Drain and Mariam Frick

/ curated by: curatorial collaborative

/ INI project gallery, Prague

/ supported by: German-Czech Future Fund , Czech Ministry of Culture
/ materials: cotton fabric, beeswax, aluminum, hot-rolled steel, magnets
/ audio: 3', 4', 6', 4'

/ photo: (c) Drain